About Jan Treptow

Born in 1971

Growing up on a farm in a small village of 200 people close to Berlin, Jan Treptow discovered his passion for horses when a new riding club was set up in the neighbourhood.

As a 12 year-old boy he was lucky to enjoy a verssetile riding education starting from vaulting over dressage and showjumping to cross country and even hunting. After finishing school there was no question about which profession to learn: he wanted to become a professional rider.

In 1987 Jan Treptow started his education in Graditz - at that time one of Europe‘s biggest breeding places for English thoroughbreds - where during the daily riding experience he got an intensive insight into the breeding practice. During the apprenticeship in Graditz his enthousiasm für dressage riding increased. He went on with his career by going to a small dressage yard near Leipzig in 1989.

An important step in Jan Treptow's career was a clinic at the „German Riding School" in Warendorf, which allowed him to get to know a couple of famous dressage trainers. The renowned dressage rider and trainer (and German Champion) Rudolf Zeilinger asked him to join his stable as a „Bereiter", which he did for two years. After two more years working with „Reitmeister" George Theodorescu, Jan Treptow started his own business in the year 2000.

In order to constantly develop his riding he regularly worked together with trainers, such as German Champion Dolf Dietram Keller and Olympic Gold Medalist Hubertus Schmidt.

In 2002 Jan Treptow was certified as a „Pferdewirtschaftsmeister" and gained the "Stensbeck Plaque" for outstanding achievement by the „German Equestrian Federation" (FN).

After this he moved to Bielefeld (50 kilometers east of Warendorf) in order to join a team of three other certified dressage trainers. Working together as „Dressurteam Bielefeld", the four professionals cater for clients both at national and international level in Europe, The United States and Asia.

Being the one who mostly cares for the Japanese sector, Jan Treptow regularly travels there in order to train horses and riders according to the classical dressage education.